[Geany-devel] [PATCH] Behavior of opening filenames with colons from the command line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Aug 19 18:04:11 UTC 2010

Le 17/08/2010 02:52, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> Since I have $EDITOR set to Geany I don't know what software will call
> it with what filenames.  One piece of software I use occasionally uses
> filename:nn as a temp file name & I have to change name each time :-(.
>  So I have some minor interest in fixing it (but use it rarely enough
> that I hadn't even filed a bug yet ;-).
> [...]
>> I think that the only problem users can see with the behavior of the
>> patch is if they have the files "foo:0" and "foo:0:1" and they want to
>> open "foo:0" at line 1 with the :nn syntax.
> What about if you have "file" and you want to create "file:nn" as a
> new file (my example above)?  IIUC it will instead open "file" at line
> nn?
Yes, exactly. Now the question is, is this a problem? If yes (regarding
you first remark, it seems to be), then I don't see any other solution
than effectively disable this.

>> I mean, with the patch, Geany can be used transparently with files that
>> have :nn suffixes -- apart using the :nn suffix to open at a given
>> line/column that doesn't always do magic (but almost).
>>> But maybe add a command line option to specify that the filename IS
>>> suffixed with :line:col so you can still paste terminal output.
>>> Perhaps -a and --at.
>> Perhaps it's a possibility, yes -- even though I'd prefer to be able to
>> set it as the default.
> Just alias ga to geany --at & save even more typing ;-)
Yeah true, didn't thought of it, that's not a big deal. I could even
alias geany to geany --whatever not to heave to think of it -- just need
to it.
Then if everybody's OK with this (Nick, Enrico?), I could implement it
-- or anybody else, don't mind ;)

But -- stop me if I'm wrong -- perhaps the reverse can be fine too? say,
setting $EDITOR to geany --no-whatever? Not sure it works nor it's
better, just to suggest.


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