[Geany-devel] [PATCH] Behavior of opening filenames with colons from the command line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Aug 16 12:49:37 UTC 2010

Le 16/08/2010 04:50, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> On 16 August 2010 11:57, Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
>> The other syntax are good and ways stricter, but aren't as useful IMO
>> because (I speak for me) we generally don't want to open a file on a
>> specific line unless we got that line information from somewhere else --
>> which is often gcc or grep.
> But Geany parses the output of compiles/greps etc run from within it
> where it knows that the :line:col will always be added and then you
> can just click on the line in the message window.  Perfect for Lazy
> Programmers (TM), ie me
Yeah, but needs to have thought of calling grep from Geany, which is not
always the case for me :-/

>>> Just in case it was common I checked vim and emacs documentation and
>>> AFAICT neither does it.  Emacs supports +line:col as an arg but not
>>> part of the filename.
>> I don't believe that this should prevent Geany to do so if it is a good
>> idea :) But perhaps it means it isn't a good idea...
> I think its not a good idea as the default since Geany can be used by
> other software (eg filemanagers) to open/create files with any name.
If the file exists, that's not a problem, neither now nor with my patch,
since Geany will detect that it exists and open it as-is, without trying
to strip the line/columns.

And with my patch it's even better, since if the file to be opened at a
given line/column doesn't exist, it forgets the line and columns and
opens the full path as given -- no line/column stripping.
I think that the only problem users can see with the behavior of the
patch is if they have the files "foo:0" and "foo:0:1" and they want to
open "foo:0" at line 1 with the :nn syntax.

I mean, with the patch, Geany can be used transparently with files that
have :nn suffixes -- apart using the :nn suffix to open at a given
line/column that doesn't always do magic (but almost).

> But maybe add a command line option to specify that the filename IS
> suffixed with :line:col so you can still paste terminal output.
> Perhaps -a and --at.
Perhaps it's a possibility, yes -- even though I'd prefer to be able to
set it as the default.


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