[Geany-devel] [PATCH] FIx document_need_save_as() logic

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Aug 12 08:02:41 UTC 2010

Hi Erik,

How does this work with geany

IIUC the check of real path is to catch missing directories and let
the user choose what to do


On 12 August 2010 14:01, Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+tools at mega-nerd.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Had a minor niggle which i decided to fix. If I do:
>    geany some_file_which_doesn't_exist
> geany will open a new tab with the right file name for the tab. If
> I then add some code/text and try to save the file, geany currently
> throws up a SaveAs dialog box even though it was already given a
> filename earlier.
> The attached patch fixes this (tested on Linux) by changing the
> needs_save_as logic to ignore doc->real_path and only check
> doc->file_name.
> Cheers,
> Erik
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