[Geany-devel] Patches for review

Jiří Techet techet at xxxxx
Wed Aug 4 23:59:34 UTC 2010


I'm sending my stack of patches against geany again, this time as individual patches. Here's the full list:

[PATCH 01/19] Prevent -Wmissing-prototypes report warning when compiling a plugin
[PATCH 02/19] Add signals for project options dialog opening and closing
[PATCH 03/19] Make the project menu accessible by plugins
[PATCH 04/19] Make it possible to change project patterns by plugins
[PATCH 05/19] Don't be annoying when not necessary
[PATCH 06/19] Make it possible for plugins to change the base directory of msgwindow
[PATCH 07/19] Open the file in the msgwindow even if no linenumber is specified
[PATCH 08/19] When closing tab, return to the document at the top of the MRU list
[PATCH 09/19] Use wider entry for project file path
[PATCH 10/19] New utils function to get relative path from one directory to another
[PATCH 11/19] File name in the project settings dialog shouldn't look it is editable
[PATCH 12/19] Use relative paths in the project files
[PATCH 13/19] Remove the "set" button from the project properties dialog
[PATCH 14/19] Rewrite tab switching queue
[PATCH 15/19] Do not insert --include= when the search pattern entry is empty
[PATCH 16/19] Use project patterns in the FIF dialog
[PATCH 17/19] Make the tab switching dialog a bit more useful
[PATCH 18/19] Use standard include paths for "open selected file"
[PATCH 19/19] Use per document indent sizes

Only some of them are required by gproject - others are just suggestions for improvements. I didn't explicitly distinguish between these two types of patches but it should be pretty clear from the description. There have been some minor changes since my last post - mainly the change of the FIF dialog to contain combo box for pattern selection and there are also some new patches - the detailed description is in the individual emails. Of course many of the patches are suggestions only so further discussion is welcome.



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