[Geany-devel] Questions on inserting text & indentation

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Apr 28 22:28:02 UTC 2010


In my GeanyGenDoc plugin I was using sci_insert_text() to insert the
generated documentation comment; but I wanted to be able to indent the
inserted comment to follow the indentation at the insertion position.

I found editor_insert_text_block() which seemed quite interesting, but
it didn't do what I expected -- and still no indentation. Of course when
going a bit in the code, since I inserted my comment at the start of the
line, and editor_insert_text_block() adds the indentation that is found
between the start of the line and the insertion position… which are the
same in my case.
Then, I wondered how to fix my problem, and finally found a solution
that consists to insert at start of line + sci_get_line_indentation() [1].

But I have some questions:
1) How editor_insert_text_block() is meant to be used to get the right
indentation, since (if I'm right) we need to insert at the right
position in the first line? Is the solution I've found the right one, or
is there a cleaner/simpler solution?
2) If this is a good way to proceed, could we have
sci_get_line_indentation() in the plugin API? Even though it is easy to
reproduce [2] it would be nicer to have it directly.



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