[Geany-devel] A patch for better block comments indenting

Tambet Arak tambet.arak at xxxxx
Mon Apr 26 14:37:45 UTC 2010


>> Could you elaborate on that? The setting just mandates that empty
>> lines should be commented out as well, something that was impossible
>> before when attempting to comment out a selected block with line
>> comments. It's purely an aesthetic issue.
> That already happens with real block comments, so I think line comments
> simply should act the same without the need for a setting.

That would probably be fine, this would just reduce the empty lines
issue to calling editor_do_comment() in
on_menu_comment_line1_activate() with TRUE as the third argument
instead of FALSE.

>>> (BTW: Your email client seems to mess up quoting).

Sorry, that's just how I format my e-mails. Makes sense to omit
quoting the whole discussion in mailing list posts, so I'll do that.


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