[Geany-devel] Introducing myself

Chris Daley chebizarro at xxxxx
Fri Apr 23 07:50:35 UTC 2010

Hi all,

My name is Chris Daley and I've been working on a small plugin which
adds various XML/XSL manipulation features to Geany. I began
developing it because I needed the functionality myself for various
projects and I love Geany as a small yet powerful IDE.

It's been many years since I developed anything in C, and the first
time with GTK+ so I may be asking some dumb questions and needing some
seemingly newbie help. It is rather a lot like riding a bicycle, you
don't forget but it doesn't mean you don't still fall off every now
and then...

I hope to have something I can share with the community soon, but I do
have a "day job" as a humanitarian aid worker which can be
unpredictable and often means I have to shelve projects for weeks or
months at a time. Let's see how this one goes :-)

Happy coding
Chris Daley

Chris Daley

e: chebizarro at gmail.com
m: +61437977469
s: chebizarro

"When you hear hoof beats think first of horses, not centaurs." -
Robert T. Carroll

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