[Geany-devel] newcomer

Ariel Haviv ariel.haviv at xxxxx
Thu Apr 15 14:57:03 UTC 2010

Hello friends,
I'm Ariel(M) and I'm a student from Israel.
I would like to participate in the Geany project.
I have some exp in writing c code, none at gtk.
Have never wrote code for a project, only small stuff for personal use.
Total beginner in the oss field. But enthusiastic about beginning !!!

I will need lots of guidance at the beginning, because i have no idea
whatsoever on how to even begin doing that (sorry). But i study fast, and
love coding (prefer mainly C & Python2*). Using Ubuntu 10.4beta 64bit (Linux
2.6.32-19-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux)

Ariel Haviv
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