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jordan phosphor at xxxxx
Wed Apr 14 18:33:03 UTC 2010

On 04/14/2010 01:56 PM, Colomban Wendling wrote:
> Hi Jordan,
> jordan a écrit :
>> I'm trying to write a plug-in that among other things adds a function
>> header.    Unfortunately this is also my first C program so it has been
>> more of  a learning experience then anything, but I'm finally at the
>> point where it sort of works.
> What does your plugin, apart adding a function header? I'm curious.
> And hum, I'm working on something similar to this part: a "generic"
> documentation generator [1].
Currently just function header, but as I figure things out I'd like to
do a function generator as well, that would in turn call the header
generator if that was selected.   Currently it works for the most part
if the defiinition is on a single line.  It displays a dialog with the
method name, and  labels   and GtkEntrys to enter a description for the
method and if applicable any parameters, and return value.
>> Currently my plug-in reads the current line and
>> breaks it down, however it's my understanding that some C programmers
>> may break a function definition over several lines, in which case my
>> plug-in would not work properly.
> Yes. Many programmers (I'm of these) breaks function definition in
> multiple line, actually I do something like this:
> return_type
> function_name (type arg1,
>                type arg2,
>                ...)
> …and of course it is a little harder to naively parse (not so much in
> facts, but doesn't allow what you do).
>> I would also like to make it so the
>> function definition for whatever the current function is would be used.
>> So this brings me to my questions, is there an easy way to determine if
>> the current position in the editor is part of a function or not?  If so
>> is there an easy way to get the function definition?  If not could
>> someone maybe point me to some tutorials about parsing text in c.
> As Enzo said, there is the scope to determine if a particular line is
> part of a function or not, but its is not supported by every tag
> generator used by Geany. What I personally chose was to walk the tag
> list and find the tag closest to the current line. Tweaking this way a
> bit gives quite good results.
> And for the function definition, see the tag list, there is everything
> you probably want (or almost). One missing thing is the argument list –
> I personally chose to fix this with a regular expression, but there
> might be better solutions; for example if hard-coded things are
> acceptable, a custom argument parser is a somewhat easy task.
How do I access the scope, or this tag list you speak of, I noticed
nothing like that in plug-in api documentation?
>> Also currently the header that is generated by my plug-in c style multi
>> line hard coded, and I was wondering if at some time more of the methods
>> in templates.c would be opened up to the API? 
> I don't know exactly your goals, but Geany's templates are not complete.
> if I'm right: they are very simple, which is good, but doesn't support
> things like loops and so (as far as I know, tell me if I'm wrong).
> Since I didn't find any template parser in C, I written my own [2] for
> the needs of the plugin I write. It is heavily more complex, but OTOH
> more powerful… choice is not easy, is it? :D If you're interested, feel
> free to use it.
I was only thinking templates so that coding styles would be easy to
enforce, by easily allowing the user to change the style of the header.
> Regards,
> Colomban
> [1] no it's not dead, you'll see soon (for those who understand ^^)
> [2] http://ctpl.tuxfamily.org/ ; but if you're interested, wait for the
> upcoming 0.2 release that will be somewhat different in its API. It's
> almost ready and can be found in the git master.
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