[Geany-devel] geany layout

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Mon Apr 12 00:20:33 UTC 2010

Am 12.04.2010 00:31, schrieb Enrico Tröger:
>> I'm not sure what you gain by removing the document tabs altogether.
>> I for one always want to know what I have open and having the tabs
>> makes it visible without having to look in a hidden list.
>> But I also want the maximum vertical space so I have put the tabs to
>> the left, modern widescreen displays have plenty of horizontal space
>> so thats no problem.
>> For me its a feature that adds to the code without any added benefit
>> so I'm not for it  but I'm not heavily against it either.
> Similar here.
> In detail: I think, Geany mainly targets at developers and I think
> developers usually don't develop on netbooks or other devices with
> especially small screens. At least I develop code at home at my 22"
> widescreen and at work at 17" dual screens. These are still too small
> but that's another story :).

I think that's a premature assumption. Surely it has advantages to work 
with bigger screens, but that a) doesn't apply to programming only and 
b) doesn't necessarily mean programmers only use bigger screens. I, for 
one, develop on a 13.3" notebook because I prefer mobility over big 
screens and I highly appreciate any added vertical space.

I think the proposal adds very little though. It doesn't even add 
vertical space for the editor window. I couldn't use it as well, since 
my toolbar is on the left of the menubar.

But I would find it awesome if the space the messages windows at the 
bottom use could be used more effecively, although I have no ideas as to 
how yet :)

Best regards.

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