[Geany-devel] Geany.txt cleanup

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat Sep 26 08:20:46 UTC 2009

On Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:18:53 +1000, Lex wrote:


>Attached is a patch providing some cleanups for geany.txt.

wow. Amazing work.

>NOTE: There are a few TODOs in the file that need to be checked before
>the geany.html is re-created (Addons plugin compatible :-).  These are
>things that I didn't know the answers to.

"Addons plugin compatible"? What do you mean?

>There are images called out in geany.txt that are missing from the
>doc/images directory.  I have not created those because I can't seem
>to get a theme that looks like the other images, so someone who can
>generate screen captures that match the existing ones should do it.

The only image reference I found was:
"TODO add picture of the overall Geany window with all parts visible"

I'll add this image soon. Maybe there are more images for the prefs
dialog missing or outdated. Usually, I update the images in SVN shortly
before releases because I'm too lazy to update them for every change in
the GUI :).

A few remarks/questions I got while reading the patch however the patch
is just great!

> The Autotools based build system is very mature and has been well
> tested. 
> -To use it, you just need the Make tool, preferably GNU Make.
> +To use it, you just need a Unix environment (TODO Mingw on Windows??)
> and the Make tool, 
> +preferably GNU Make.

Hmm, I think "Unix environment" might sound a bit too heavy. When
compiling a release, a somewhat POSIX compatible shell, make and the
compilers should be enough (well, not really but this is why we
have ./configure to check for what is missing).
What I mean is just that Unix environment sounds to me like "You have
to install a big new system to get it working". Maybe it's just me,
still I'd like to keep the original here.

> +The position of the tabs can be selected in the interface
> preferences.

To me, this sounds like the ordering of the tabs (Symbols, Documents
vs. Documents, Symbols) can be changed in the interface preferences.
However, I don't know a better way off-hand.

> +Tags are information that relates symbols in a program with the
> +source file location of the declaration and definition.

Great idea to first define what we mean when talking about "tags".

>  Plugin documentation
>  ====================
> +TODO Is this documentation right?? Doesn't seem to match 0.18 default
> +plugins.

Shame on me.
Some time ago, there were three plugins which provided file
saving-related functionality. At some point we merged them into the
SaveActions plugin but obviously I forgot to update the documentation.
Will do, soon.

I'm fine with anything else and am really impressed and happy about
your efforts, Lex. Great job, thank you very much.


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