[Geany-devel] some features i would love to see optional or standard

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Sun Sep 13 14:15:12 UTC 2009

hi all, after using many many editors i find geany to be the most configurable for hotkeys. although i am very fond of the cli editor nano and am used to the hotkeys there, it wasnt a problem to duplicate them in geany. asside from 1 aspect. when using ctrl-k to cut an entire line of text in nano it will continue adding to the buffer if the cursor hasnt moved and another ctrl-k is pressed. such as selecting and cuting multiple lines of text. in geany you can only cut one line of text in this manner. in nano if the cursor moves. it cancels the multiline scenario and awaits either a paste or a new cut to replace the old. i would love to see a plugin or maybe this a standard option. or if anyone knows of such a plugin already i would love to here about it. we can name it nano mode?

i personally think most linux geeks are familiar with nano. thus this would be a great improvement.

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