[Geany-devel] scala support

francisco treacy francisco.treacy at xxxxx
Mon Sep 7 22:22:55 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I discovered Geany not long time ago and I love the balance of
features/power (without getting bloated).

Now as I am coding in Scala, I would like to add support for this language.

Unfortunately I have no idea about Scintilla/Scite (which I read you
supported for syntax) and my C is way too rusty. But I found a
properties file for Scite in the Scala repository:
(From what I got on the mailing list, this is based on the Scintilla C++ lexer).

So... is anybody else interested in getting Scala syntax to work?
(and possibly code completion and other goodies... but there I'm going
faster than the music).
Could you please point me to some straightforward steps to integrate
support into Geany?

If you need examples of the Scala language, here there are plenty:



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