[Geany-devel] ctrl+tab switching between tabs

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Thu Oct 29 11:14:00 UTC 2009

On Thu, 29 Oct 2009 11:41:55 +0100
Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de> wrote:

> >    Implement Most-Recently-Used document switching when pressing
> >    Ctrl-Tab keybinding. (It's probably not perfect, but works OK).
> > 
> > 
> > I wanted to know whether this is a key binding that GTK+ supports
> > natively, or whether in-house, Geany-specific modifications were
> > needed to get this working in Geany.

No, GTK doesn't support that.

> I think you are refering to this svn commit:
> http://lists.uvena.de/geany-commits/2009-May/003373.html
> Inside the mail you can find a diff for this commit. 

Yes, but IIRC this was only the initial work, there were other commits
to make it work properly. Probably best is to just look at
src/keybindings.c in SVN; search for uses of the mru_docs queue.


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