[Geany-devel] catching run_cmd option at runtime?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Nov 26 22:21:46 UTC 2009

Hi Roberto,

The build system is being changed significantly in the SVN version of
Geany.  The interface available to plugins will be very different, The
version currently in SVN has some problems, but I hope to commit a new
version in the next few days, I'm just trying to extensively test it
now.  There is already a request from the latex people to be able to
dynamically change the compile commands and I think it should work for
your run commands as well.  My current idea is that plugins can
register a callback called when the menu item is activated and the
callback supplies all the information required to run the command
(comand, working directory and if the output is to be parsed for
errors, sent to a terminal or ignored).


2009/11/25 Roberto Rosetti <rob.rosetti at gmail.com>:
> Hi geany devs!
> I'm writing a plugin for an external language (Guile Scheme). Working on
> the 0.18 version of geany.
> I need to modify the run_cmd options at runtime from inside the plugin.
> For example in my: geany/data/filetypes.scheme I do have
> run_cmd=guile -s "%f"
> I suppose to need a signal, sort of "on_cmd_run", so that I can modify
> the interpreter argument list
> on the basis of the source code it will run.
> For example, sometimes I need to call:
> guile -L MY_LOCAL_PATH1[; MY_LOCAL_PATH2; ...] -s "%f",
> depending of the environment and the context of the source.
> There also more option, depending by the kind of source code the user
> has written.
> Is this possible at the moment?
> thanks and happy hacking!
> Roberto
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