[Geany-devel] ANN: Release of GeanyLaTeX 0.4

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Tue May 26 17:05:17 UTC 2009


A couple of month has been passed by but now I'm happy to announce a
new major version of GeanyLaTeX for Geany 0.16 and above.  

Since 0.3 a lot of changes has been done:
* Adding a toolbar with often used format commands
* Adding a configuration dialog to configure basic options of plugin
* Moved documentation into a TEX-document; Include a precompiled pdf
  and html version into source tarball 
* Replace \u-UTF-8 letters by octal coded chars to don’t depend on C99
* Added a function to bulk replace special characters inside marked
  text by keybinding
* Added a function to replace special characters on typing
* Update of German translation

This release of GeanyLaTeX is depending on Geany v0.16 and should also
work with Geany 0.17 without problems. Versions below are not supported
at the moment.

I've uploaded the source code as well as updated the website.



Happy TeXing and feedback is welcome ;)

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