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On Thu, 21 May 2009 17:17:23 +0200, Thomas wrote:

>Am 21.05.2009 17:13, schrieb giuliano manzitti:
>> Hi at all...with this message I would do a request if is possible...
>> When a comment line, you can do so through a combination of keys????
>> With JCreator is possible through Ctrl-E for comment...and Ctrl-D
>> for decomment....
>> Sorry for my bad english..
>> thank u....
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>CTRL+E works for me (same key for commenting and uncommenting), but it 
>might not be the default value. Check your hotkey settings under the 
>Help menu.

You are right, Ctrl-e is the default for toggling commentation, i.e.
comment the line/selection if it isn't commented and uncomment it if it
is commented. That should work in most cases for most filetypes.

You can also comment and uncomment the current line/selection with
separate shortcuts but these don't have default values, so you have to
enter keybindings for them in the preferences dialog, Keybindings tab.

Relevant keybinding names in the preferences dialog, all in the Format
"Toggle line commentation"
"Comment line(s)"
"Uncomment line(s)"


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