[Geany-devel] Build System and Latex

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue May 19 10:41:11 UTC 2009


I have found a couple of places where there is hard coded behavior for
specific build menu commands which needs to be addressed when commands are

The first place is the "make in base directory" option is hard coded to only
be applied to make custom and make all but not make object.

I suggest that:

1. all filetype dependent commands are executed in the file's directory
(current behavior)
2. when no project is open, all non-file type dependent commands are run in
the directory of the current file (current behavior)
3. when a project is open, each non-file type dependent command has its own
selection to make in base path or directory of the current file.  That way a
user can set the behavior to suit the command.  Note that this option does
not require the command to be defined in the project as the option can just
as usefully be added to the default make commands as to user set specific
commands.  The option works in the same way as the labels and commands will,
ie a project value overrides preference value overrides default value.

The second piece of hard coded behavior is in the removal of error markers
from files.  Currently the "compile file" and "make object" commands clear
errors only for the current file, but all other commands including "build
file" clear the errors from all the open files.  I don't understand why the
first two commands only affect the current file as, although they
compile/build just that file, they can still cause errors in other files
through includes etc.
Also the markers that are left in other files no longer have corresponding
error messages in the compile window since these are cleared when the
command is run, causing potential confusion as to why the error marker is
Unless I have missed an important use-case I propose that all build menu
commands clear all error markers each time, then there is no confusion about
what caused the mark.

Progressing slowly but steadily.

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