[Geany-devel] Deep editor customization....

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat May 9 11:08:15 UTC 2009

On Sat, 9 May 2009 11:46:11 +0200, Jimmy wrote:

>> - I think we should add the "!" to request Pango fonts in the code,
>> I don't think users want to use GDK fonts and mixing both is probably
>> not possible at all and even if, it's not desirable. Furthermore,
>> having the "!" in the filetype definition files seems error-prone
>> because it can be easily forgotten.
>> This is why I suggest to specify only fontnames in the filetype
>> definition files and add the "!" directly when reading the names in
>> get_keyfile_int().
>ok...I was just using the scintilla model here...
>forgetting the ! does not lead to an error, it just
>don't anti-alias your font...

Not an error but most likely not what the user wants.

>I'm not sure who, but someone might still want to have this control...

Unlikely. So far we also don't allow to use GDK fonts and enforce Pango
fonts. I don't see a reason why someone would like to use GDK fonts,
especially because of the notes in the Scintilla docs.


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