[Geany-devel] Deep editor customization....

Jimmy Paillet jimmy.paillet at xxxxx
Fri May 8 16:26:15 UTC 2009

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> >> Ping :).
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> >yep...yep :D
> >I was drawn away by something else for a while....
> Sorry, I didn't mean to hurry you up or to request anything. Just a
> status update :).

don't worry, i didn't takek it as such :D

> >I'm progressing slowly...I have added an entry gchar* to the
> >GeanyLexerStyle struct...to hold a font name...
> >i'm studying how it propagates, how the structure is used by different
> Oh, I though you already have that part written as your screenshots
> looked like it was working already. Sorry.

yes i have it working...and use it on a daily basis for my work ...but just
I hard-coded my font choice in set_sci_style... and left the fileypes.foo
untouched for now....
hackish, but just wanted to find out if it was possible in some way at that

> >functions...i'm facing pointer pbs, basically...my font name does not
> >propagate properly through functions...
> If you need help for a specific problem, just ask.

ok...it's probably silly, as i'm not an experienced C programmer...and
didn't spend a lot of time on it...
but as I told you, I expanded the GeanyLexerStyle structure....

in get_keyfile_style and get_key_file_hex my adds to the filetypes.foo are
properly read...
and when i print out my new element of the struct it's either null or the
fontname I've just entered in the file....

but when i try to access my new entry in a another function (such as
set_sci_style), it has been obviously been written over by something
i'm sure it's something obvious as when I replace the new entry gchar*
fontname by gint font_size.... (and so expecting font size dto be declared
instead of a font name) then i got it working as intended...
I could just add a number after the italic boolean entry in filetype.foo and
it would be picked up as a font size, and transmitted through

> >but for example, if I use the change font option in the menu of geany,
> >it's breaking this customization....it's good enough for my use...but
> >not for public release....
> >if you have a hint for me... :D
> Ah, that's a problem. Maybe we should add highlighting_set_font() or
> something which is called by editor_set_font() which then sets the
> passed font only if there is no font specified for a specific style.
> This problem only exists because I never expected we need to use
> different fonts per style.

I'll look into that...it's not a real nuisance as it is anyway....


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