[Geany-devel] Deep editor customization....

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri May 8 15:58:27 UTC 2009

On Fri, 8 May 2009 00:24:01 +0200, Jimmy wrote:

>> >>> >anyone willing to) come up with a system to implement it...
>> >>>
>> >>> Yeah, that'd be the very first step: provide a clean patch
>> >>> (ideally based on a recent SVN version).
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Does anyone have some experiences in Mercurial -> SVN conversion...
>> >>that'll be a good occasion to try out svn in any case....
>> >
>> >Nope. But if have the sources in a Mercurial repository, just
>> >create a patch and send it to the list. Me or anyone else probably
>> >will be able to apply it to a current SVN version.
>> Ping :).
>yep...yep :D
>I was drawn away by something else for a while....

Sorry, I didn't mean to hurry you up or to request anything. Just a
status update :).

>I'm progressing slowly...I have added an entry gchar* to the
>GeanyLexerStyle struct...to hold a font name...
>i'm studying how it propagates, how the structure is used by different

Oh, I though you already have that part written as your screenshots
looked like it was working already. Sorry.

>functions...i'm facing pointer pbs, basically...my font name does not
>propagate properly through functions...

If you need help for a specific problem, just ask.

>but for example, if I use the change font option in the menu of geany,
>it's breaking this customization....it's good enough for my use...but
>not for public release....
>if you have a hint for me... :D

Ah, that's a problem. Maybe we should add highlighting_set_font() or
something which is called by editor_set_font() which then sets the
passed font only if there is no font specified for a specific style.
This problem only exists because I never expected we need to use
different fonts per style.


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