[Geany-devel] go to line patch

Jason Oster parasytic at xxxxx
Fri Mar 27 15:15:23 UTC 2009

Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> That's odd... definitely not selected here. Maybe this is something
>> that was fixed in newer versions of GTK+? Which version of GTK+ do you
>> have? Mine is 2.14.4 (standard on the latest ubuntu).
> See my User-Agent string :).
> It's GTK 2.16.0 but I'm pretty sure I had the same already with 2.14.x.
> Not that that single line to select the line number in the spinner
> would be the worst thing ever but out of curiosity it'd be
> nice to track the difference down.

libgtk2.0-bin                           2.14.4-0ubuntu2

... Is what I have installed. The line number in the spinner control is 
selected by default for me. I built Geany SVN r3657 just this morning.

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