[Geany-devel] Enhanced symbol resolution and auto-completion

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Mar 13 10:33:29 UTC 2009

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 10:21:10 +0100, Jimmy wrote:


>it's the only IDE I was able to achieve a complete dark look on Windows
>(dark ui, dark editor, except for that pesky folding bar)...and that
>look is perfectly consistent on both platforms I use: Windows and

you can a) disable folding and so hide the folding margin or b) change
its style to get it dark as well.

a) preferences dialog -> Editor tab -> Features -> Enable folding
b) see 'margin_folding' in filetypes.common to change the style of the
folding margin

>After a few minutes, I had this basic piece of software, you give it a
>folder, and it will look for .c .h files there...call a ctgas prog on
>it (Exuberant ctags)...and there you have a basic list of all symbols
>through your project...The rest of the plan would have been to write a

Before spending too much work on this, you should have a look at the
geanyprj plugin, which does some kind of project-wide symbol support or

>or I can use Geany internals...and that's where i need some help....it
>'s always to stick your nose right off the bat in a source code...
>if somebody could put me on the rails...I know how the retrieve cuurent
>document name...but I love some some pointer on how to retrieve the
>symbol list...and how it's used very basically...

I answered the same thing a few days ago:




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