[Geany-devel] Enhanced symbol resolution and auto-completion

Jimmy Paillet jimmy.paillet at xxxxx
Thu Mar 12 09:21:10 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I' ve been shopping around for tools for my C or Python projects....after
trying just editors...editors on steroids, of full-features IDE...

I believe I will settle on Geany..for sensible reasons:

lightweight, handle my C and my Python equally well, and with just the right
amount of complexity for casual projects

et for silly reasons:

it's the only IDE I was able to achieve a complete dark look on Windows
(dark ui, dark editor, except for that pesky folding bar)...and that look is
perfectly consistent on both platforms I use: Windows and Linux...

However here and here, I find myself opening Netbeans...because the symbol
resolution there is just amazing...

you see the symbols of the current document you are using, but also the
symbols of the whole project in a separate windows...

the call graph windows there is just great as well...Geany at this Find
Usage that is helpful....but the Netbeans solution is really
inspiring...really great to understand foreign code...

So that's what I'm after: a project wide symbol resolution, (where a call
would a symbol as well), an overhauled  find usage...and auto completion on
every useful text inputed (not only tags)

If it's in development or it passed through me and is there already, stop me
right here....and maybe I can help...

Since I' m not an accomplished C programmer yet...I started thinking in
Python :D (loving it)...

After a few minutes, I had this basic piece of software, you give it a
folder, and it will look for .c .h files there...call a ctgas prog on it
(Exuberant ctags)...and there you have a basic list of all symbols through
your project...The rest of the plan would have been to write a little gui
containing that information...and when a symbol is pressed, it would use
that nifty feature: launching geany the line number parameter...geany
+linenumber foo.c ...if the doc is opened it's just go at this line,
perfect...if it's not, it opens it, perfect also...

That was the basic plan...I woudl build from there....

Then I've contemplated the idea of actually using the plugin architecture of

On the same line, as the previous plan...the plugin could listen on a socket
for infos sent by the python add-ons....I could this way send more info than
just a line number....i could send the whole symbol list or other stuff and
integrating it to geany...

That seems a bit redundant though...geany is doing the symbol resolution
internally, why do it again?

So wrote a few lines, and i have my plugin which is opening a tab in the
side bar..hurray :D

I need content now...

I can use a 3rd party python program to feed me content...the advantages I
see are that it would be useful outsode Geany as well...just a code
explorator, ...somehow

or I can use Geany internals...and that's where i need some help....it 's
always to stick your nose right off the bat in a source code...

if somebody could put me on the rails...I know how the retrieve cuurent
document name...but I love some some pointer on how to retrieve the symbol
list...and how it's used very basically...

Fell free to correct me, or show me the light in any way :D I am kind of new
to all this..

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