[Geany-devel] Plugin for haxe-completion

Andreas Mokros am at xxxxx
Sat Jun 27 15:01:40 UTC 2009


I started to write a plugin for auto-completion of haxe-code. The
Haxe compiler has a feature that it compiles up to a certain point
in a file and then spits out a list of possible classes and types
for the file at that point, see here:
There once was a plugin for using it called hxDev (latest version
But it doesn't compile with the newest plugin-API anymore. I couldn't
really figure out what to change and where to make it work, so I
tried to start from scratch. Thanks to your nice plugin-API and good
documentation of it I managed to get a running plugin in a couple of
days, although it's my very first attempt in GTK-programming.

Now I have a couple of questions:
- Would it make sense to add it to the geany-plugins repository
  (because it's very language-specific)?
- I'm not sure what kind of build-system to use now. ATM I simply added
  my plugin to wscript and use waf. Is waf deprecated now with the new
  merged plugin-build-system? Is a makefile or a autogen.sh script
- The plugin depends on editor-notify of PluginCallback. Is it OK to
  add that signal globally (will be called for all documents then,
  right?) and then check for haxe-files or would it be better to add
  that signal only when a haxe-file is active?
- I saw a property "type" in the GeanyProjects-struct that seems to
  mean that projects can be extended by plugins. Is there some
  documentation for this? It would be really nice to be able to add
  some options for haxe-projects. I also read in a post here that there
  is a build-system-upgrade in the making with lots of options that can
  be set from projects. Maybe this would do already. Any plans when
  this will be merged in the trunk?

Best regards and thanks for making this great editor.


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