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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jun 25 06:37:25 UTC 2009

Shorter (slightly) reply ;-)

2009/6/24 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>

> On Wed, 24 Jun 2009 16:53:39 +1000, Lex wrote:
> Great, and thanks for this short mail :).

Thank you very much for reading it, I'm trying to express the essential
simplicity of  the system to put in the manual and this is the shortest I've
come up with to date, not quite there maybe, but definitely better than
previous attempts.

> >    1. label: "_Make All", command: "make"
> Maybe we should label it actually "Make" by default but this is really
> an unimportant detail for now, can be changed afterwards easily (and
> yes, hardcoding 'make all' was very wrong in the first place, we
> already talked about my mistake :D).

 I was just making it the same as 0.17, as you say it doesn't matter we can
change it anytime.

> >    2. label: "Make Custom _Target", command: "make ", but on
> I think we could add some extra logic here that checks the first
> character of the user supplied string to be space and if not, insert
> it. Or even better, unconditionally add the space as it won't hurt at
> all.
I actually thought that it was better not to impose that there had to be a
space, for all I know someone has a situation where they want to directly
catenate the typed input to the command, or more likely to the last
argument.  Putting the space in the configurable part means that we don't
rule out things just because we can't think of a use right now.

> >The execute menu item changes to "_Stop" and the icon changes to stop
> >when a command initiated from the execute menu item is running and if
> >activated the menu item will attempt to kill the executing command.
> I read this as we have only one Run command? This is completely ok and
> sufficient IMO. The only thing which bites in is our famous LaTeX
> specials, yay. But I would say we could convenience users that usually
> one Run command is even enough for LaTeX. The rationale behind the two
> We have one Run command and that's fine.

 Yes only one run command at the moment.
Note that the implementation is such that if it *really* is a problem then
the extra run command can be added back in reasonably easily (same goes for
adding extra commands to any of the configurable sections) by changing some
enums and tables.  Since execute commands inherit from filetype, the menu
could then inherit two different execute commands for lAtEx from the
filetype and the extra menu item would be ignored (and not visible) for
everything else (or at least until someone found a use for it ;-)  For now I
will stick to one and lets see how much trouble it causes.

> Of course, this requires you have saved your changes locally already in
> a patch or something to not throw away everything you have done so
> far :).
Well I was just going to check out the new branch into a different directory
and copy over the changed files, I use bazaar for my personal change control
so it will tell me which ones to copy.

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