[Geany-devel] Python plugin API

Jonas Haag jonas at xxxxx
Sun Jun 7 14:48:30 UTC 2009

Am 06.06.2009 13:52, schrieb Nick Treleaven:
> It's a bit complicated. Geany doesn't have a shared library for plugins
> to link against, instead, Geany sets symbols like geany_functions in
> each plugin before initialization. Plugins use generated macros to call
> Geany functions.
So this is like "I create a plugin with C functions in it, register that 
plugin and geany calls that functions"?

I planned to write a wrapper in C that calls functions of a python 
module which handles all the other stuff (I'll try to avoid hacking in C 
as much as I can ;)). And the other way round, that python module should 
be able to call C functions of the wrapper which calls geany functions.

Should a plugin have access to variables, too, or can it do everything 
with functions?


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