[Geany-devel] Strange Geany behavior

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jul 30 10:05:01 UTC 2009


I have a really strange problem with Geany.

 Using Geany 0.17 standard install on open suse 11.0, logged in as a
different user to where I was developing Geany so there is no leakage
from development versions.

When typing 's' the save as dialog pops up??  I have a keybinding
<super>s for save as but undefining it didn't fix the problem but it
did let me check that <super> isn't stuck on.  It seems to depend on
Geany a <super> keybinding existing when Geany is opened.

I can turn the problem on and off by closing Geany with the <super>s
keybinding defined and next time I open Geany typing s invokes the
If I undefine the keybinding and close and re-open the problem has gone away.
Its like the <super> is permanently defined so when there is a
keybinding using it then typing just the character s is interpreted as
I tried defining several <super><character> keys and all of them react
the same way, when first defining the keybinding all is well, but on
closing and re-opening Geany the strange behavior starts.  Removing
the keybinding does not fix the problem until Geany is closed and
re-started.  So the problem may be in the load of keybindings.
~/.config/geany/keybindings.conf contains the <Super>s as expected.


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