[Geany-devel] New plugin: embrace

Prim András pa at xxxxx
Wed Jul 29 13:48:42 UTC 2009


Frank Lanitz írta:
>> Yes, of course. (It seems I'd have to avoid writing letters at
>> midnight. :)
>> So it adds a new toolbar as seen in the screenshot
>> http://primandras.hu/stuff/geany_embrace/screenshot.png
>> When I write my HTML and want a word to be bold, then I select it,
>> press the italic button on the toolbar and it will add "<i>" before
>> and "</i>" after the selection.
> Why not using <strong>? SCNR. 
1. Oops. Of course when I want my text to be bold, then I use <b>
2. The plugin has a configuration file, in that the users can define as 
many buttons as they want, including <strong>.
>> Furthermore it is possible to configure it, so that when one presses
>> the image button, it pops a dialog as seen in the screenshot, where
>> one can choose a file with a file chooser dialog, write a label, pick
>> an alignment from the predefined list and write a class name, or
>> choose one that is used earlier. And when pressing OK it will add a
>> nice <img /> tag with the appropriate attributes filled in.
> Are you doing some check for XHTML/HTML and their different versions? 
No, I didn't go that far - the only thing now you can do is to rewrite 
the config file. AFAIK  one can write files that are compatible with all 
these versions.
Would it be useful for you to do such check? In what case?

András Prim

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