[Geany-devel] Calltip and autocomplete interaction

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jul 27 01:36:13 UTC 2009

2009/7/26 Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de>:
> On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:26:54 +0200
> Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:
>> On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 21:42:03 +1000, Lex wrote:
>> Hey,
>> >>>When typing a function call, the calltip is shown when the '(' is
>> >>>typed.  It is then replaced by autocomplete suggestions as the
>> >>>parameter is typed.  If the autocomplete is accepted then the
>> >>>calltip is re-displayed, but if the autocomplete is not accepted,
>> >>>such as by typing ',' then the tooltip is not re-displayed, very
>> >>>annoying.  I know I can re-display it manually by twisting my
>> >>>fingers into a knot ;-) but automatic would be better.
>> >>
>> >> You know you can re-configure the keybinding for showing
>> >> calltips :)
>> >>
>> >
>> >Yeah, but running out of keycodes, too many functions in Geany ;-)
>> >anyway don't need to now :-)
>> We definitely need keyboards with way more than 105 keys, basic design
>> failure :).
> Would this a good point to mention that I like to have emacs keybinding
> feeling? ;)

http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/   best damn emacs emulation I know :-D

Seriously though, it is because people are different that
configurability of UIs is important.  Emacs sequences are a perfectly
valid solution to the problem.  Unfortunately the GTK infrastructure
doesn't seem to support sequences as shortcuts.

Assigning fixed shortcuts to parts of the UI where the number of
options are variable is therefore difficult.  Either you reserve lots
of shortcuts and unused ones are ignored, but as I observed before you
quickly run out of them, or you limit the number of options that have
shortcuts and assign them to different options as chosen by the user.
Neither of these is nice and assigning keybindings to variable things
is also difficult, and do you remember the binding when an option goes
away and comes back?

This is a problem with something like the variable build menu where
using a sequence like F9 followed by 1 or 2 or 3 etc for filetype
commands, F10 123.. for non-filetype and F11 123... would be a
possible solution that doesn't restrict the user or complicate the
binding process.

Without this I have taken the option of only allowing keybindings for
the set of six "known" commands that fits into the current Geany


> Cheers,
> Frank
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