[Geany-devel] ANN: Configurable Build Menu Alpha in SVN

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat Jul 25 18:30:25 UTC 2009

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009 15:37:47 +1000, Lex wrote:

>> which doesn't happen with trunk. Enrico also reported crashes on
>> plain opening. Here's his backtrace:
>> http://nopaste.geany.org/p/m4f327d9c
>Can't replicate crash on project open, crash on change S/B fixed and
>should also fix likely cause of crash on open.  Crash on open may
>depend on content of project file, if it still occurs with r4026 or
>greater please report with content of [build-settings] and
>[build-menu] sections of file.

It seems to work fine now. I can't reproduce the crashes anymore
neither by opening a project nor by switching between projects (which
is basically the same as simply close&open a project).

>Also fixed the GLib warnings.  IMHO this is a GLib problem, NULL
>pointers are ignored, so why try to assert that they are arrays???

If I read the diff correctly, you passed a NULL pointer to
g_ptr_array_foreach() and g_ptr_array_freee() as first argument. This
is simply wrong and so IMO the warning is correct. Who said NULL
pointers are ignored?
Most functions expect non-NULL arguments for any pointers usually
unless stated otherwise. The good thing in most GLib/GTK/Geany is that
you get a warning if you do it anyway. Other functions like glibc's
string functions (e.g. strlen() or strcmp()) simply segfault when a
NULL pointer is passed. 


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