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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Jul 24 09:41:16 UTC 2009

On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 23:38:38 +0200, Etienne wrote:

>Hi all,
>- some example files would be helpful because most of us probably don't
>> know Erlang (at least me)
>You'll find attached some source code from Twoorl (Twoorl is an open
>source Twitter clone written in Erlang using the ErlyWeb framework),
>this is the code I used to build this lexer. I slightly modified them
>to check some features. You can find the original source code here :


>> What's wrong with the Erlang
>> lexer available in Scintilla? Is it a different one? Is one the both
>> better? Why another one?
> [...]
>I don't really know if mine is "better" according to the code, but it
>seems to include more features.
>I use 6 lists of "keywords" (Reserved words, BIFs, Module attributes,
>Preprocessor, Edoc, Edoc macro) while Scite/Scintilla use only one to
>detect reserved  words. So one can simply add a keyword... and can
>have differents colors for each categories, rather than only one and
>for reserved words.
>Also, Scite Lexer color erlang atoms. But, atoms, module name, and
>functions are colored the same way. I think that it is better to
>consider them independently to improve document reading.
>- I forgot to add node name support and didn't know how to add code
>folding support too. But I can try to add them looking at Scite code...
>- Doh. Forgot exponent in number too!
>- I'll have some more work for parsing error. I didn't need it, but I
>will have a look.

Ok, seems like now there are two good Erlang Scintilla lexers. I
suggest to contact the Scintilla project (via mailing list, bug
tracker, whatever) to discuss about merging the two lexers or at least
get some of the features of your version into the Scintilla lexer. Then
we can simply use the Scintilla lexer in Geany (we try to not modify
our Scintilla when it can be avoided).

Sorry about the confusion with the lexer itself, we remove any lexers
from our Scintilla copy we don't use. So, usually there are way more
lexers available in upstream Scintilla than we actually have in Geany.


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