[Geany-devel] ANN: Configurable Build Menu Alpha in SVN

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Jul 24 09:36:42 UTC 2009

On Wed, 22 Jul 2009 13:12:41 +1000, Lex wrote:

>2009/7/22 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
>> On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:45:16 +1000, Lex wrote:
>>>2009/7/21 Lex Trotman <elextr at gmail.com>:
>>>>>>TODO List (Major items only)
>>>>>>I don't know what the impact on plugins is yet, I tried to build
>>>>> Any problems will quickly show up once the code is in trunk.
>>>> Plugins won't build, filetype.h now uses build.h which isn't
>>>> installed to /usr/local/include/geany/
>>>> I'm AC_illiterate, where do I put build.h to get it installed, is
>>>> it geany_include_HEADERS in src/Makefile.am ?
>> Exactly.
>> And for Waf, it's in wscript around line 451.
>Done, waf not tested since I don't have it installed.

Works fine.

>>>> Or alternatively I could make the requirement go away since now the
>>>> GeanyFiletype structure only has pointers to GeanyBuildCommand, so
>>>> it doesn't actually need the definition.
>>>> Which is preferable from your point of view??
>>>Update, making the requirement go away allows geany-plugins combined
>>>release to build & seems to workl!!!
>>>So now the question is should plugins be able to access the build
>>>menu.  I would think that there could be uses for it and would be
>>>happy to add two functions to build.h
>>>gchar *get_build_cmd_field( GeanyBuildGroup group, gint cmdindex,
>>>GeanyBuildCmdEntries field);
>>>void set_build_cmd_field( GeanyBuildGroup group, gint cmdindex,
>>>GeanyBuildCmdEntries field, const gchar *value );
>>>that are documented for use by plugins. and allow build_menu_update
>>>to be used by plugins unless there is another way of triggering it.
>>>Then we need to install build.h
>> Yo. I guess we would add it at some point anyway and so we can also
>> add it now. I think someone might want to write a plugin which
>> uses/extends/whatever the new build system code in some way.
>Ok, done except build_get_menu_item returns the whole
>*GeanyBuildCommand structure instead of one field at a time.  Made the
>interface simpler since no set function is needed.
>Included remove_menu_item function in the interface.
>Without a plugin that uses it, testing was very rudimentary, I guess
>that bugs will show up when someone uses it. :-)


Btw, the code builds on Windows however I didn't run it yet. Will do
once it is merged into trunk.


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