[Geany-devel] geany-plugins on openbsd

Serge A. Ribalchenko fisher at xxxxx
Fri Jul 24 09:13:44 UTC 2009

Hi there,

yesterday I tried to build geany-plugins 0.17.1 on my home notebook with
openbsd 4.4 on it.
It just won't compile. Problem was in
geany-plugins-0.17.1/geanygdb/src/gdb-ui-main.c, there we have include

> #include <elf.h>

and my openbsd system does not have that file.

After an hour or so I found these structs in other include file, called
elf_abi.h; so then I change 'include <elf.h>' to 'include <elf_abi.h>'
and everything's now just fine.

I don't know how to trick this in 'configure' script, so there isn't any
patches attached. Hope you know how to fix it.

And thank you for the best IDE ever =)

Serge A. Ribalchenko <fisher at tvcom.com.ua>
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