[Geany-devel] ANN: Configurable Build Menu Alpha in SVN

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sat Jul 18 13:19:41 UTC 2009

> Probably all true but on the other hand, it just don't hurt :). I
> didn't say you should use them, just that I use them.

Wasn't any criticism, but as I had to *read the documentation* to see
what they did I thought I'd mention.

>>probably worth Wstrict-prototypes
> This causes lots of warnings in the GTK headers, kinda unfortunate.

Yeah, thats a pity!!!

>>> Yes, as I said I don't have a better idea so far and so I'm not in
>>> the position to criticise the dialog too much :).
>>> Maybe we find a solution, if needed at all, later. And since the
>>> dialog UI exists for now, it's more important to get everything
>>> behind working. Changing the GUI can be done easily afterwards.
>>Yes, I am about to say that this branch is feature complete and any
>>problems that come up now are bugs or put in the TODO list
> Cool, so we can slowly start talking about merging the branch back to
> trunk (slowly).
> I think it's best to test this code and to find and fix obvious bugs
> and problems.

Agreed, there is a fair bit of new code there

>And then get it into trunk for a wider audience.
> I'm wondering if it is worth to make another release before merging the
> branch or to do it before.
> Doing a releasing before merging would make the release more stable
> probably and gives us more time to test the new code.
> OTOH merging the branch soon and delaying a possible new release a bit
> is maybe better for the users because they don't need to wait for
> another release cycle to see the new and fancy build system code :).
> Any opinions?
> I tend to merge it and then make a release.

I guess it depends when you are planning the next release.  What else
is already in trunk or planned?  Is that enough for a release?  If so
I'd tend to small release quickly then we have time otherwise it might
be a while until the release.

Need time for test + time for test in the trunk, plus any impact on
translation since I havn't really tracked how many strings have been

TODO List (Major items only)

I don't know what the impact on plugins is yet, I tried to build the
plugins but no luck, you have seen my discussions with Chow.  I might
get a chance on the weekend to try it on an old machine where I can
install Geany to the system directories so I can build plugins.

Has anyone tried to build it on Windows?  I don't have windows build capability.


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