[Geany-devel] Erlang support patch

Etienne Girondel etienne.girondel at xxxxx
Thu Jul 16 23:07:42 UTC 2009


This is my first try to contribute to an open source project, so i hope that
everything is fine! :)

You'll find my patch to introduce Erlang support, made against SVN n3981, in
attached file.

This patch includes support for :
- Reserved words
- Built-in functions (BIFs)
- Preprocessor instructions
- Modules / compilator attributes
- EDoc ( http://erlang.org/doc/apps/edoc/index.html )
- EDoc Macros
- Module compilation ( erlc "%f" )
- Running a module, module must have a main/0 entry point ( erl -noshell
-run "%e" main -run erlang halt )

Please, can someone check this patch and maybe commit it?


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