[Geany-devel] Directories for running build commands & latest build-system commit

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jul 16 05:51:18 UTC 2009


Patch committed.

2009/7/16 Thomas Martitz <thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de>

> Thomas Martitz schrieb:
>> I started working on the working dir. I have already implemeted the entry
>> boxes, saving and loading it. I'm just mostly finished "%d".
>> I'm thinking the basedir checkbox could be removed at the very end?
>> Best regards.
> Alright, I've been coding the past few hours and this is what I got so far.
> It works pretty much as I expected. You fill out working dir, then it would
> 'cd' into that before executing the command. I'm not aware of big any issue,
> except that there are no default values yet (I'm not sure if they are needed
> if the default values would be just %d anyway).

Yeah, just leave them NULL.
One area that needs work is reading old config file [build-settings] to put
%p/%d in the directory. Done & improved as well :-)

> %d and %p also work. I really think the basedir checkbox (and responsible
> code) could be removed.

Agreed, done

Couple of notes,

build_replace_placeholder requires that a document is open, but non-filetype
commands don't require a document, obviously you can't substitute %d in that
case & should give error like %p if no project,  but you can still
substitute %p.
Use case for make without document, grab a new working directory from VC
with included project.geany file, open project and do first build, no
documents need be open.
I ran out of time to do it by the time I found it.

Changed the dialog comment to just list the substitutes and refer to manual,
it was too long & the dialog is now pretty big (IMHO the comment I had was
always too long, its not just the latest additions)

Dialog fixed regular expression field span & use symbols for column counts.

Fixed stcmp to original code, the strlen is required because a NULL must
compare equal to an empty string, that was really the point of stcmp.
Otherwise extraneous entries are written to config files hiding things that
should still be visible (took hours to find out why ;-).

In general it seems to be working :-D


> Best regards.
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