[Geany-devel] Directories for running build commands & latest build-system commit

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Wed Jul 15 20:02:48 UTC 2009

Lex Trotman schrieb:
> Thanks, committed, I moved your little convenience  routines to the 
> top, out of the section of the file dealing with command execution

That's fine!
> in function read_row
> I put the strlen calls back in, this is needed to check if all the 
> entries are still blank then we don't want to make the command exist.
> the stcmp and strlen tests need to be in loops to match the rest of 
> your changes, the test of dir will of course go away when you add the 
> new entry
> Re atomic commits, in theory I agree, but for me practicality 
> intrudes.  My upload is much slower than download so it is more 
> practical to do one big commit at the end of the day rather than 
> interrupting my day waiting for several little ones.

Uploading a few text files should take long no matter of the connection. 
Maybe the Geany SVN is slow sometimes (geany-plugins definitely is)? 
Also, I'd commit myself if I could, haha :D

I started working on the working dir. I have already implemeted the 
entry boxes, saving and loading it. I'm just mostly finished "%d".

I'm thinking the basedir checkbox could be removed at the very end?

Best regards.

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