[Geany-devel] Support SCI_LINESJOIN and SCI_LINESSPLIT (patch included)

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Mon Jul 13 10:31:04 UTC 2009

Hi all.  It's me again, with another little patch (probably the last one 
from me for a long period of time).

I discovered that Geany doesn't provide key bindings for the 
abovementioned scintilla commands.  I think they are very useful while 
editing text, or HTML, or other markup, especially when you don't like 
when your text exceeds 80 char boundary (like me).  With these 
shortcuts, you no longer need to manually reformat your text after you 
make a slight change in it, you know.  There are such shortcuts in other 
editors like (afair) Eclipse and Notepad++ for Windows.

Unfortunately, SCI_LINESJOIN and SCI_LINESSPLIT commands are not very 
smart, e.g., they do not respect indentation.  I had to write some code 
so that these commands could be useful. Particularly, in lines_split() 
function I had to change line indentations and text selection (see 
comments in the code for more information)... My knowledge of 
Scintilla's features is not perfect; if you could suggest more 
user-friendly ways to deal with indentation, please do.

When implementing this, I had to add couple of sciwrappers, so I placed 
them at the end of sciwrappers.{c,h}.

The patch also adds corresponding entries to key bindings properties in 
the preferences dialog.  Maybe "Split lines" entry should be renamed as 
it may be ambiguous.

The patch is against rev. 3951.  Alternative link: 
http://pastie.org/543980.  Hope you'll find it useful.

Best regards,
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