[Geany-devel] ANN: Configurable Build Menu Alpha in SVN

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Jul 13 08:22:46 UTC 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 09.07.2009, 17:25 +1000 schrieb Lex Trotman:
> Hi All,
> The first alpha release of a version of Geany with flexible
> configuration of the Build Menu is available in the build-system
> branch of svn,
>  https://geany.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geany/branches/build-system/
> This release is still under active development (see Known Bugs, Limits
> and Incomplete below) and is released to allow consideration of the
> functionality and how it might impact/assist other Geany activity.

I've tested it with Ubuntu 9.04 x86 inside virtual box and had an
compiling warning with current r3952 

[137/192] cc: src/build.c -> _build_/default/src/build_3.o
../src/build.c: In function 'save_build_menu':
../src/build.c:1959: warning: passing argument 4 of
'g_key_file_set_string_list' from incompatible pointer type

I didn't take any look onto code so far, but maybe you can have one.


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