[Geany-devel] question about templates

Andreas Mokros am at xxxxx
Sun Jul 5 19:00:57 UTC 2009

On Sun, 5 Jul 2009 19:17:10 +0200
Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:
> So, fixing this means to fix the code which determines the current
> scope which is not completely trivial but surely possible.
> Have a look at symbols_get_current_function(), the code uses
> information from Scintilla and from tagmanager to determine the scope.

I see. Functions in haxe always start with:

function name_of_function(function_params) {

So it shouldn't be too difficult to track them.

I think the parse_cpp_function_at_line-function which is probably used
for haxe doesn't work because the styles in haxe appear a bit strange.
"function" is listed in keywords under primary and I'd expect
SCE_C_IDENTIFIER for it (which should make the parse_cpp-function work)
but its style is SCE_C_WORD.
Any normal text is styled as SCE_C_IDENTIFIER on the other hand.
The keywords in secondary are styled as SCE_C_WORD2.
Is this intentional? And where is this set?
I had a look at highlighting.c but I don't understand where you set
which keywords get which style ... 

Symbols for haxe are recognized pretty well BTW.


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