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Sat Jan 24 20:00:54 UTC 2009

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 21:55:33 +0100, Colomban Wendling
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>But I /can/ always reproduce the bug if I save and type at a very fast
>speed, such as chain <letter><^S> about 4 times per second or so – but
>who's saving its buffers between every letters when typing?
>Now for me, if it remains possible to reproduce the bug, it seems not
>in real world.

Yes, it was also hard for me to reproduce but I got it.
It happens when you save a document quickly after the last save
process. The 'file has changed' notification takes a moment (I
didn't measured it but I'd say something about 0.5-1 sec) until it is
triggered. So there is a little time frame where the state is
inconsistent and this time frame is hit when saving really fast
continuously. For me, it is practically impossible to hit this in a
normal work flow. But the time frame might be significantly larger on
other systems, not sure by what factors it is influenced. One of the
main factors is probably the used file alteration system, as mentioned
before it can FAM, Gamin or nothing (i.e. usual file polling). And then
FAM and Gamin can use the kernel's inotify (which probably only exists
on Linux) or they also do just polling. And there are probably other

After all, since we are working towards the next release, I disabled
the GIO based file monitoring for now since it doesn't work as stable
yet as I wish.

If anyone wants to re-activate it, in src/document.c is a commented
macro USE_GIO_FILEMON, uncomment it and recompile Geany.
Otherwise, the old polling method is used which is also not that bad.


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