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Atanas Beloborodov a.beloborodov at xxxxx
Tue Jan 20 08:08:39 UTC 2009

Colomban Wendling wrote:
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> Comment By: Enrico Tröger (eht16)
>> Completely unrelated to Geany.
>> HTTP usually doesn't support write operations, right? So how do you want
>> to write files to it or even mount it?
> Opening a file through HTTP works with g_file_new_for_uri(), but yes,
> write operations will fail.
>> Instead, use dav:// assuming your server supports it. Then you can mount
>> it as usual and after having mounted it, you can open and edit files on
>> it.
> I dunno how to do it "as usual" since I use Nautilus 2.22 for now that
> AFAIK doesn't really support GIO, and I dunno how to mount a location
> with GVFS without Nautilus… But yes, I understand the meaning :)
>> Yes, that's the way. And when we save the file in Geany, we set an ignore
>> flag to ignore the next 'file has changed' signal. And there probably begin
>> the problems.
>> Also, this works only if the file was actually only changed which happens
>> when saving with Geany. When you save the file with Gedit, it (probably)
>> won't work because Gedit first saves the file into a temp file, then move
>> it to the real file. So, the real file is never 'changed' but 'created'.
>> And the 'created' notification is currently ignored at all.
> Hum… I've just tried with Gedit modifying an opened file in Geany, and
> the tab becomes orange, but when I start to modify it again, Geany
> tells me that the file was not found on the disk, asking me whether I
> want to save it… and if I say yes, then ask me if I want to overwrite
> the existing file. Well, not perfect (but I personally don't mind
> about that since this feature helps me mostly for files modified by a
> script).
>> This doesn't really explain your problems, I think. But is one of the
>> things I meant when saying 'not yet 100% functional'. Let me give it
>> another try tomorrow and in the meantime just revert to before r3484 :).
> OK, I see. And yes, just take the time you need and let us (me?) know
> when we can test your new efforts :)
>> Too bad, I hoped there was something real exotic which would explain the
>> behaviour :).
> Hey no, sorry :D
>> P.S.: quoting in the tracker is awful. Moving to the mailing list?
> Yeah, great idea!
> Just ask me if you need any other test or information.
> Regards,
> Colomban
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Hello, sorry if this bug is too plain andi am wasting your time, but i 
really try to help ;)
Now back to the topic...i try with make distclean, make clean all and 
this has no effect.
I`m not have running gam or fam. Gvfs things on my computer is 
1.0.2-0ubuntu1 version, Gnome version is 2.24.1, Geany is  svn r3490, 
GTK+ 2.14.4, GLib 2.18.2
I edited only local files and filesystem is also ext3 :)

Ddb don`t find nothing trouble...
We reports bugs and use svn version`s becouse really want to help...now 
im learning C and Gtk things and i think Geany is my exactly programming 
model :)

P.S. Geany is still my favorite editor...and i don`t like shits like 
zend,net beans and other`s java like things...:)

Just ask and me, if you need test for something ;)

Atanas Beloborodov
a.beloborodov at viscomp.bg <mailto:a.beloborodov at viscomp.bg>
Mobile: +359 896 733 612

	*Viscomp EOOD*
92V "Hristo Botev" Blvd
4000 Plovdiv
Tel: +359 32 655 175
Fax: +359 32 655 176
www.viscomp.bg <http://www.viscomp.bg>

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