[Geany-devel] [Geany] Geany segfaults when enabling project plugin

Yura Siamashka yurand2 at xxxxx
Thu Jan 15 19:34:26 UTC 2009

2009/1/15, Nick Treleaven <nick.treleaven at btinternet.com>:
> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:17:37 +0200
> "Yura Siamashka" <yurand2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Segmentation fault happend because geanyprj can't create private
>> project properties properly. And probably geanyprj should not do it.
>> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>> 0x08072ae2 in get_default_indent_prefs () at editor.c:830
>> 830             iprefs = app->project ?
>> *app->project->priv->indentation : *editor_prefs.indentation;
>> I don't know how to fix this crash without deleting build capabilities
>> from geanyprj.
> (I haven't really used geanyprj, but personally I'm not happy with there
> being anything special in Geany for it, e.g. the GeanyProject::type
> field.)
> I think geanyprj should not try to replace Geany's project handling,
> but instead somehow work on top of it - this probably will require
> changes to the plugin API. But any changes should be quite general.
> I want to keep the GeanyProjectPrivate struct hidden from the
> plugin API.
>> to geany devs:
>> What about introducing some kind of hook api for main menu items:
> Not sure what you mean by this, why do you want it?
The idea was to replace commands called from "Build" menu with
geanyprj ones and make geanyprj completely inderpendant from geany
core project.  But as I see now, it won't help me with it :(.

Best regards,
Yura Siamashka

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