[Geany-devel] "Auto-close quotes and brackets" - addition request

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Mon Jan 12 21:27:51 UTC 2009

Enrico Tröger schrieb:
> This all seems kind of weird and hard to fix all cases. I'm afraid a
> sane implementation would cause a painful amount of extra code :(.
> Regards,
> Enrico

This feature has been proven to be good in theory, but bad in practice 
anyway. At least for me. It's basically not usable on any language which 
needs some kind of statement terminator, such as C and its ;.

I see how it might be useful for other languages, but you still need to 
move the cursor behind the auto-inserted char to be able to hit enter to 
get to the next line. And I actually don't see a difference in typing " 
or moving the cursor.

Best regards, kugel

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