[Geany-devel] Symbols access from plugins

Colomban Wendling ban-ubuntu at xxxxx
Sat Feb 28 18:21:36 UTC 2009

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Sorry for the latency, I was busy these last days.

>> Then, I have some questions: * Is it possible to get tags for the
>> current function, or at least function's start line, from inside
>> a plugin?
> Not directly. Without having tested, it should be possible to get
> the tag list for a document by using the 'tm_file' field of the
> GeanyDocument structure.
> GeanyDocument *doc; TMWorkObject *tm_wo = doc->tm_file; GPtrArray
> *tags = tm_wo->tags_array;
> This should give you an array of TMTag objects for the current
> file, then you can search this array for the corresponding TMTag
> object of the desired line in the document or function name or
> whatever. The above is untested but should work or at least should
> suffice as a start to get it working :).
Perfect, it works well :)
But I need to update the tag list manually to generate correct
documentation and insert it a the right place, but even if it can be
found in the online API doc and in tm_source_file.[ch],
tm_source_file_buffer_update() seems not usable from plugins (gets me
an undefined symbol error). Is it normal? If yes, is there another way
to update tag list dynamically?

> The pointer to the submenu item you want can be retrieved with:
> ui_lookup_widget(geany->main_widgets->editor_menu, "comments");
> Don't forget to destroy the create menu item(s) in
> plugin_cleanup().
> In case you want show/hide/update the menu item when the editor
> menu is actually shown, you need to connect to the
> "update-editor-menu" signal.
Thanks again, it's exactly what I was searching for.
But again, a question: how can I know the click position that popuped
the menu (and perhaps if it was popuped by a click and not a keyboard
shortcut) to be able to generate the doc for the function below
pointer and not at current position in the buffer?

Thanks a lot for support!
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