[Geany-devel] Minor patch: geany.spec.in

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Feb 27 14:03:58 UTC 2009

On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 14:47:51 +0100, Wolfgang wrote:

>On Fri, 2009-02-27 at 14:42 +0100, Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> On Thu, 26 Feb 2009 14:17:54 +0100, Wolfgang wrote:
>> >The distribution archive file has the extension .tar.gz. Adjusted
>> >that in geany.spec.in.
>> What is wrong with tar.bz2?
>> On the server both archive types exists and I like to prefer bzip2
>> compressed tarballs because they are smaller and so save bandwidth.
>The problem occurs during "make rpm". Perhaps fixing Makefile.am is
>more appropriate?

Ah ok, now I got it. I just didn't think of the Makefile target (/me
is not a RPM user :D).

I changed the Source tag in the spec file to .tar.gz as you suggested.


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