[Geany-devel] Symbols access from plugins

Colomban Wendling ban-ubuntu at xxxxx
Mon Feb 23 14:36:40 UTC 2009

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Hi everyone,

I've started yesterday to write a (small) plugin to generate advanced
documentation comments since I'm not pretty sure Geany's core is the
right place. With advanced, I mean I would try to support Doxygen as
well as GTK+ doc style, generate list of parameters automatically and
so on.

But as you could know/see, finding well the start of the current
function is not easy without reparsing all the file (which is not easy
too and may be resource greedy). Then I thought that all the stuff I
need to generate the doc comment for the current function appears in
the tag panel. Moreover, the tag list would ease support of many
languages… well, just no need to rewrite each parser.
I've taken a look at what Geany does to generate doc comments, and it
seems to use the symbol list; but it seems not accessible from plugins.

Then, I have some questions:
 * Is it possible to get tags for the current function, or at least
function's start line, from inside a plugin?
 * Am I in the wrong way for anything? (is there a better way to get
current function property; should I only improve Geany's functionality; …)
And additionally:
 * Is there a way to add an item into the
editor_popup=>insert_comments submenu from a plugin?

Thanks for spending time on reading me,

Please excuse and tell me if I ask stupid questions.
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