[Geany-devel] No fpc console output in geany :/

Szymon Zycinski sz.zycinski at xxxxx
Sat Feb 21 19:03:30 UTC 2009


I'm tried to seed geany in school with 65 PC with windows XP. But the
problem is that geany under windows is not working with FPC. Geany does not
grab therminal output and doesn't show error lines and etc. It makes geany
under windows totally useless in teaching progress and i have to use fp.exe
or dev-pas gui for fpc. Is there any solution maybe someway streem
redirection in compiler options and loading this file after closing console
window? Any help? I have to solve it in a week or swap IDE to something
The problem exists only on windows while it works perfectly under Ubuntu.
I don't have any trouble with gcc under windows :/ But now i have to teach a
semestr of Pascal :/
Please help. If you want any other infos mail me directly.
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