[Geany-devel] Bug#561276: geany does not escape '\\' in replace string

Ximin Luo xl269 at xxxxx
Thu Dec 17 08:44:24 UTC 2009

Enrico Tröger wrote:
> I had a short look at your examples but to be honest for me this is
> just not that important. I surely can find more corner cases where the
> one or the other regexp/special character combination won't work.
> Either you write a patch to make things better or you maybe just use
> tools which are more specialised for such tasks like grep, sed and
> friends.

Take it or leave it, it's your software. regexp by these days is pretty much a
standard and there are certain expectations people have when an engine claims
to "support regexp". It's irrelevant to say "oh well I don't think these
standards matter" because people will get tripped up.

If you expect everyone to "write a patch", there's no point for bug-reporting
systems. Not everyone has the time to go looking through the source code.

> Geany uses the regexp implementation of Scintilla, the used editing
> component. It's not as good as it could be but it does the job and it
> doesn't pull in new, external dependencies like libpcre.
> Please read the documentation to learn more about the use of regular
> expressions within Find and Replace dialogs in Geany. There are some
> limitations and differences but generally it just works.

Well excuse me for not looking through the source code before I filed the bug.
I will forward this onto Scintilla, then. Also (as I said before), regexp is a
*standard* - people should not HAVE to look through documentation to find out
the exact quirks of a particular implementation.

BTW libpcre is really not a problem for *NIX - most systems will have some
important component that depends on it anyway. And for windows/mac you can just
static-link it.

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